“I will never be the same again … ” 

                                            – Mission Team Member

Missions Model

Pioneer Ministries does several short-term missions every year, and we invite people to come on board with what God is doing in the nations. On these mission trips we work with local pastors and community leaders to spread the love of Jesus to the poor and the hurting. We frequent hospitals, orphanages, prisons, brothels, as well as house-to-house in a lot of poor slum-like areas. This is additional to the night meetings Joseph and Lesley are hosting in the area, where you will get to partake of close up ministry of healing the sick and casting out demons. When you sign up as a Pioneer Mission Team member, we want you to express the freedom and liberty we all have in Christ to walk in our gifts, dreams and destiny that the mission work and the crusade’s provides. But it is important that we all conduct ourselves according to the kingdom of Heaven, as well as honouring the protocols Pioneer Ministry have established in these nations. We have written down a code of conduct to help people make sure their hearts are prepared for a Pioneer ministry trip.

Love One. Touch Nations

Short-term missions

For our crusades we do short term missions, inviting people from all over the world to experience the move of the Spirit we are seeing in developing nations. Many people comment they will never be the same again.
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We have a heart for the hurting and the broken, and minister to the homeless and the poor wherever we go. We have ministered to the homeless in America and work with many pastors for homeless outreach in Honolulu.


Our outreach work is developing in Pakistan, where we give gifts and food to homeless and slave people through the local pastoral support. This work is very dangerous and often involved threats to the pastors lives, but if you would like to give into this please reference “Pakistan” in the donations page.


During the Crusades we outreach in the day to hospitals, orphanages, brothels, prisons, spreading the Love of God wherever we go. We have seen the hand of God clean out brothels, heal the sick in the middle of hospital wards and touch hurting people of all religions and races.

Street Evangelism

We are evangelistic by heart, and so we work with local evangelists and ministers to hit the streets and operate in power, signs and wonders on the streets! We also do training and practical application, taking people with us to experience the move of God on the streets. If you would like to have us come and take your church out, contact us.

Local Missionaries

We also support in various ways many local missionaries in the nations we are connected with, if you would like to find out more about how to support these people, financially or through prayers, please contact us.

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Mission Team Family Values

Dear Mr Lee, 

 It’s been indeed a huge honour to be a part of your team and the work you do; its the hard working men and women (on the mission team) to whom we owe a mighty hand of acknowledgement. 

 The children (at the orphanage) and so many of the women (from the brothel), men (from our hospital) that your team visited, many lives that your team has touched … to this I thank you for all you have done.

 And yes, my life can never be the same again too, so many things seem clear now, many things have meaning now. Thank you so so much!

Kind regards,

Apolosi Ranawai Lasei

PN Western, Ministry of Health, Fiji

 “My involvement with Pioneer Ministries and going to Samoa, American Samoa and Fiji … was a genuine adventure both spiritually and naturally. I witnessed miracles, healings, Holy Spirit baptisms, deliverances, salvation to many souls, agape love, and even a category 5 cyclone stopped in its very tracks as it bore down on us in W. Samoa. I will never be the same again and this type of genuine ministry makes one hungry to see and experience more.

Debbie Sandbrook

Mission Team Member

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