Pioneer Global Missions Family is an international network of missionaries & believers that you can be a part of.

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From the Pen of Joseph & Lesley

“Welcome to Pioneer and the great adventure! We started this ministry in 2014 with a few small faith-steps but a big dream to touch the nations of the world! We sold everything and went with our family to a foreign country, trusting God for miracles and revival to happen like the Book of Acts. We saw the hand of the Lord begin to move with mighty miracles which has led to dozens of national gospel campaigns, regional revivals and local church ministry across the nations. In 2022 we launched a missionary network as an arm of this supernatural ministry. When we looked around the nation’s we saw many missionaries and believers struggling to breakthrough in their towns, cities and regions. We questioned how could the disciples ‘turn the world upside down” 

in Acts, and yet the church seems to be struggling with relevancy in today’s world? We saw a need for a supernatural mission ministry dedicated to releasing and empowering missionaries (and all believers) to preach the true gospel, by demonstrating the authentic Presence and Power of a resurrected victorious Christ. We have developed a culture of supernatural living in our marriage, our children and our ministry team and desire to expand that culture to the nations of the earth. This ministry is truly birthed by God in a supernatural way and we invite you to be a part of it.

“This resurrection life you received from God is not a timid, grave-tending life.
It’s adventurously expectant, greeting God with a childlike “What’s next, Papa” 

                       – Romans 8:15 msg

Ministry Overview

Pioneer Ministry has five main kingdom assignments of which the global missionary family is one of them.

Here is a quick overview:

Individual Transformation

We will never lose sight of the heart of God to love the one in front of us, through marketplace, street ministry and daily sacrificial living.

Local Impact

Through our Schools of the Spirit, leading churches into deeper revelation of the Presence and power of God through worship and power demonstrations.

Regional Impact

Setting up evangelism events and revivals, working with networks of pastors and leaders in cities and towns to see regions impacted.

National Influence

Doing large-scale open-air gospel campaigns, focusing on mighty miracles and evangelism that will shake nations.

Global Vision

Combining these assignments to affect the entire globe with an authentic gospel message, demonstrating proof of the resurrection through signs and wonders. These five assignments can be summarised by the original vision that God has given us, to “Love One, Touch Nations”.

Missionary Partnership Model

What Pioneer Offers It’s Missionaries


Pastoral care Communication every second week with a Pioneer Pastor for encouragement, discipleship, problem-solving, and prayer


Apostolic Support from the Founding Leaders of Pioneer: Joseph and Lesley Lee


A Prayer Network of 300+ prayer warriors, through our partnership with Deborah Ministry (intercessors)


Access To Resources for training and equipping from Pioneer New believers courses, home group tutorials, weekend workshop material, sermon and podcasts


Administrative Support and strategy for local mission outreach, campaigns and evangelism. Templates for helping: find venues, communicating with local pastors, poster design, sound system, budgeting advice etc


1x Mission Trip to your country of ministry from a Pioneer Missions team (every second year)


Attend A Pioneer Revival Summit Each Year A yearly Revival summit will be held for all to attend and be refreshed, equipped, and for missionaries to be commissioned to the harvest field


A Round Table Discussion Via Zoom An opportunity to share with Pioneer leaders about your vision (for your local missions area) and strategies you have to achieve it


Support from a growing network of Pioneer Missionaries that carry the same DNA


Business & Entrepreneurial Training to be a self-sustained missionary giving missionaries a hand up, not a handout

Join the Team

To become a Pioneer Missionary

You can request a meeting with a Pioneer Leader via video chat, phone or in-person to find out more about the organisation and how we can partner together.

From this first initial contact, we would then begin to develop relationship, which would include: the process of you understanding our culture, identity and DNA, and us learning how we can serve your mission work in your local area.


We would desire you to complete training with us

Personal Ministry

Have personal ministry sessions with Pioneer recommended spirit led counselors

Pastoral Care

Build relational contact with one of our Pioneer pastoral care leaders and grow in the culture of Pioneer.

Revival Summits

Attend Pioneer Revival Summits and conferences (when you can) to grow in the culture of the supernatural.

Being Commissioned

There will also be an opportunity, should both parties agree, to be commissioned as an official Pioneer Missionary. (With the laying on of hands at one of our events by the apostolic team)

Within this process, you are able to present cases for doing a healing campaign or outreach in your country or region. We can help you with strategy for bringing together pastors and leaders in your local region to hold an event and help your city or nation breakthrough with the gospel.

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