School of the Spirit

The School of the Spirit is about teaching, training and activation focused on how to work with the third member of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. Pioneer apply the “moving of the Spirit” and the “gifts of the Spirit” to the life of the everyday believer so they can live victorious in their identity as children of God.

It is Pioneer’s conviction that wherever Jesus taught or preached, He always demonstrated the gospel with signs following. We have discovered that while there is much training out there in the body of Christ, there is not a lot of actual Spirit-led application or understanding of the operation of the Spirit and the spiritual realm. This is the reason for the School of the Spirit.

School of the Spirit


A number of teaching videos, updated weekly on our youtube page, click here to view


Local church training and equipping meetings. Ask us to visit your church


Practical application of the gifts of the Spirit through activation and impartation

Our topics include

(but not limited to):

1. Miracles and healing today

2. Signs and Wonders theology

3. power Evangelism Training

4. Gifts of the Spirit in everyday life

5. Prophets, prophecy and prophesy

6. Anointing – function and application

7. How to be led by the Spirit

8. Marketplace Ministry

9. Father heart & Sons of God

10. Impartation and Activation of gifts

11. Presence, Power and Glory

12. Prayer that Overcomes

13. Breakthrough Anointing

14. Kingdom business & economics

15. Worship & revival

16. Deliverance and Demons

Healing Session in Hawaii
Deliverance Session in Fiji

What people say about our School

“It was a blessing to be invited to join the “Prophetic Session” (with Joseph and Lesley Lee from Pioneer Ministries). The teaching was very clear, powerful and anointed.  At the end of the session we were told by Pastor Joseph Lee to go find a place (alone) and then ask God and listen for any prophetic words God is going to give you.

I got myself a chair, sat down then started praying for any word for my future. Within a few minutes I felt the presence of God heavily.  I thought He was going give me something for my future but instead He took me back during my birth (Pea had a difficult birth).  

“Pea you are a miracle. You and your mother weren’t alone during your birth.  I was there when the doctor failed you.  I breathed you life.  I created you the most precious daughter on earth…  My grace is sufficient for you. I’ll always be with you… “

This is a very effective lesson for all Christians that need to hear the voice of God. 


Co-Leader, Youth For Christ, American Samoa

“Thank you so much for the Saturday morning session you did, it was great. Communicating the same thing, teaching and activating the Holy Spirit Gifts was great …

People testified to the atmosphere where God was so present. One of our staff is Mormon but we employ her at the school. Obviously she does not come to church and this was the first time she was prophesied over and there were also words of knowledge, which were very accurate according to her and she was overcome emotionally. 

Everyone came out of the day, encouraged, energised and full of life and excitement. The testimonies were a highlight and it did a lot to build faith and expectation.” 

Mataele Fusitu’a

Pastor Equippers Church Tonga

training and activation