“… the song I was born to sing, is your song of freedom.”

“The song in my heart, the song in my soul, the song I was born to sing, is your song of Freedom” (Free To Dance – Hillsong Worship).

It was these words that the Lord emphasized to Lesley on the day she got saved that have become the anthem for our hearts and ministry.

If you study revival history, every move of God has had worship at its epicentre. That is why worship is one of the most important aspects to our meetings. As we flow according to the move of the Spirit, there is often a prophetic song or word in our meetings that allow us to minister the heart-beat of God to the people. We always utilise local worship groups in the nations we travel too. These groups are often combined members of different churches, and carry a prophetic cry to their generation. As we worship God in Spirit and in Truth, His glory will descend and in that realm of Presence, all things become possible.

Through the Prophetic worship gift on Lesley, people will often get delivered of demons and also healed as she sings the song of the Lord. Joseph will often repond to this worship by ministering straight out of this Presence of these times of worship. In this atmosphere, anything can happen … It is the atmosphere of revival.

For Pioneer Ministry, worship is everything. To take a closer look at our heart for worship, please see the worship procedures and values below;

Crusade Worship Procedures and Values

  • 1. The worship for the crusade is one of the number one important functions for the crusade to flow according to the move of the Spirit. Every revival or move of God had worship as a key integral part of the revival. Out of every revival were birthed songs and hymns that inspired the generation to seek hard after God. It is for this reason we consider this aspect of the crusade as very important.

    2. Once a worship leader is chosen (worship “facilitator” is a better word), it is important that the team comprises of worshippers and musicians from all different churches and backgrounds, as we want the worship team to represent the UNITY and KINGDOM principles these crusades operate in.

    3. Once a team is chosen, we need the worship leader to set a schedule for the team to practise. At least 4 practises need to be done before the crusade. And on crusade week, as many practises as needed for the team to flow and function as a collective “whole.” This will be at the discretion of the Worship Facilitator.

    4. The Worship Facilitator is to compose an “initial” list of songs for the crusade. Due to the nature of these big events the song list needs to be universal songs that a multitude of denominations will know. We don’t want to isolate or inhibit any one group from worshipping by having songs no one knows. NOTE: However, at the same time, we desire a prophetic movement, based on the current Heart of God for this generation, and if one particular song is more anointed or has the Presence of God on it, we need to use it and let people learn it quickly in the meetings. Usually this is a chorus or a repeated phrase that catches the heart beat of God in this hour.

    5. Once we are on the ground Lesley and Joseph Lee will come to several of the practises to see how things are progressing. Lesley is a prophetic worshipper and so she will be having input into the worship and she will also be involved in leading some songs, at her discretion. Joseph and Lesley use worship to flow in what the Holy Spirit is doing in the meetings, so it’s important they gel with the team so they can all move in the Spirit together.

    6. Flexibility is key during the meetings. It is important the worship facilitator and the members of the team are flexible to being led by the Spirit. That means Joseph and Lesley could change the songs they want at any moment. Or they could ask for a particular “flow” or singer on any given night. It is important to be led by the Spirit and keep everything adaptable to the Holy Spirit prompting on Joseph and Lesley.

    7. It is important to note that worship is a position of service to our King, and to also be sober about the fact that Lucifer was a worshipper in heaven, and that the visible nature and the popularity of worship makes it easy for the enemy to get in with pride. For this reason we stress humility, unity and a servant heart for people on the team.