Lesley Lee

Pioneer Ministry Worship Experience


“… the song I was born to sing, is your song of freedom.”


Pioneer Music is launching Lesley Lee’s first EP, 3 Songs with the title track Winter is Gone. These tracks were recorded live last year with the help of YWAM Furnace in Tauranga in Aotearoa.  

They are spontaneous worship songs, coming from the heart of God for the body of Christ. They are soaking songs,  encounter songs and songs to take you into the heavenly realms and meet with Jesus.

“The song in my heart, the song in my soul, the song I was born to sing, is your song of Freedom” (Free To Dance – Hillsong Worship).

It was these words that the Lord emphasized to Lesley on the day she got saved that have become the anthem for our hearts and ministry.

If you study revival history, every move of God has had worship at its epicentre. That is why worship is one of the most important aspects to our meetings. As we flow according to the move of the Spirit, there is often a prophetic song or word in our meetings that allow us to minister the heart-beat of God to the people. We always utilise local worship groups in the nations we travel too. These groups are often combined members of different churches, and carry a prophetic cry to their generation. As we worship God in Spirit and in Truth, His glory will descend and in that realm of Presence, all things become possible.

Through the Prophetic worship gift on Lesley, people will often get delivered of demons and also healed as she sings the song of the Lord. Joseph will often repond to this worship by ministering straight out of this Presence of these times of worship. In this atmosphere, anything can happen … It is the atmosphere of revival.

For Pioneer Ministry, worship is everything. To take a closer look at our heart for worship, please see the worship procedures and values below;

Crusade Worship Procedures and Values