National Gospel

“How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and Power” Acts 10:38

The Lord birthed this vision in our hearts in 2014 when he said to us there was a Golden Age of the Holy Spirit coming to the nations and that it would be like the “sun of righteousness rising with healing in His wings” Malachi 4:2

While the vision was birthed in their hearts through this supernatural encounter, it was confirmed by a prophet of the Lord a few months before the first crusade, you can listen to the word here;

Then in July 2015 Joseph and Lesley did their first Crusade in Apia, Samoa. Since then they have done many National Miracle Crusades, as well as revival meetings and healing conferences.

They believe this new move of the Holy Spirit will be ushered in by a healing anointing that will sweep all churches and denominations with miracles, signs and wonders. Through this demonstration of power, God will turn the hearts of the people back to Him with one heart and one mind.

The Crusades were birthed out of a heart to see God’s people worship him in unity, where denomination boundaries and church walls are broken down, and the whole Body of Christ can come together with one heart and one mind to worship Jesus.

Jesus himself said: “If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto Myself.” John 12:32

That is why the Crusades are called “Jesus Loves”, because we are coming together as one people, children of His Kingdom, to lift up the Lord Jesus in the nations.

The Lord also said to Joseph, “When my children come together in special unity I will pour out a special anointing.” An unusual unity in the Body of Christ will bring down from heaven an unusual anointing with unusual miracles that will impact a nation.

“There I will command a blessing” Psalm 133.

 The Lord also confirmed to us that we were to simply “love the one in front of us.” It is with this heart that we do not look at numbers or the size of churches, but we seek to be led by the Lord to minister to the one person in front of us, and through this heart the Lord can pour out great signs wonders and miracles the likes of which the nations of the earth have not seen yet. We have seen the rain stopped, cyclones rebuked and the lame walk after 26 years in a wheelchair. Our God is truly a supernatural God.

 Our heart is to work with the local churches to help them bring in the harvest of souls. Once the events are over we seek to pass the people saved on to the local churches to disciple, mentor and train.

 This is an invitation to all pastors and leaders in the Body of Christ, whatever your ministry, church or movement is, to work together with us in one of our Jesus Loves National Miracle Crusades.  



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Crusade Operations

Our desire is to work with the local pastors and ministries in an area, to be a blessing and leave a deposit of revival and God’s glory. There are many ways pastors and people will be blessed by serving and being a part of these events.

1. Missions teams

We bring Missions Teams with us where ever we go. Our heart is to see missionaries come from all over the world to serve and impact the nations we hold the crusades in. Being a part of a missions team will impact your life like nothing else.

2. Ushers/catchers

We always need help with the operations of the crusade and it’s a great chance for people to get up close to the manifestations of miracles and power by being an usher or a catcher.

3. Worship teams

We like to work with local worshipers and musicians because we believe every nation has within it their own prophetic call and song for that nation. It’s an awesome opportunity for people to use their gifting in music and singing for the glory of God. People from the Missions Team can also participate.

4. Ministry Teams

We want to empower and equip the next generation of ministers to experience the supernatural and flow in miracles. This is why we are intent on training and equipping the ministry team for these crusades. Pastors can nominate leaders, elders, or up and coming youth to participate in the ministry team. This equipping includes: baptism of the Spirit, deliverance, altar calls, praying for the sick, and the fire of God.

5. Intercession

We work with the Deborah Ministry who help provide intercession and prayer support for all we do. If you have a heart for intercession you can join the team by getting more information from us via email or Facebook. We believe in the power of prayer and always have “air support” when we launch these Crusade ground offenses.

6. Follow Up

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