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Our vision is for New Zealand to be awakened into revival as 2020 is gone now. As evangelists and revivalists our mission is to start fires wherever we go, helping ignite this new move of the Spirit. We desire to see the sinner saved, the backslider bought back into right relationship with God and the local church empowered to see awakening and reformation in their city and town.

We did our first revival event in Pukekohe in May 2019 and were amazed at the hunger we saw. The hall was packed both nights and people drove up to 2 hours to attend the event, while some flew from the South Island. This hunger led us to believe that God wanted to break something forth in 2020 and beyond. We decided to release a video about the vision and take a 2 week trip around New Zealand introducing ourselves to the body of Christ in this great country. We had no idea what would happen, we just wanted to share our story and maybe find 3-4 towns that we could hold an event.

What started out as nothing more than a hope and a prayer, has turned into a full-scale itinerary around New Zealand holding 10-11 revival nights over the course of the year. We have been blown away at the hunger and expectation for God to move afresh in the hearts of the people of Aotearoa. We believe this confirms the fact that God is doing something special in our land.

The Bible says, “How blessed and how precious it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity … there I will command a blessing” Psalm 133.

We have been encouraged by the Kingdom Unity we have seen among the pastors and leaders in this nation. Unity is a key requirement for a revival, as Winkie Pratney notes in our Revival Interview Video that can be seen on this page. The Lord has promised us as a ministry, that where there is “unusual unity I will pour out an unusual blessing.” We believe that as we trumpet the move of God and come together with unusual unity; miracles, signs and wonders will break out like never before and we can see a fresh harvest of souls come into the Kingdom of God.

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