Nights of Revival
Citywide Meetings

Our Nights of Revival is a local community event that brings together those who are hungry for a touch of God.

These nights are about kingdom unity, as we invite the local body of Christ as well as pastors and leaders to come together and believe for an outpouring of the Spirit in their region. We often use neutral venues so we can all come together with a single heart, in one accord and kneel before the foot of the cross. These nights are saturated by glorious worship and mighty miracles.

Extreme Worship

These nights are focused on extreme worship, where we can enter the Presence of God and worship Him in Spirit and truth. All revivals have had worship at the epicentre of their experience and we believe that the next move of God will be no different.

We work with a local worship team in a city, preferably one that is inter-denominational, and believe that a local team will carry the heart of the local community. Lesley Lee is an accomplished singer and brings her own prophetic worship style to the event so that we are all taken into the throne room of heaven for an awesome encounter with a living God.

Out of these powerful worship encounters we see deliverance, healing and a renewing of people’s first love. Prophetic songs are often birthed and a new generation is swept into the heart of God.

Power Demonstration

The second phase of the Nights of Revival focuses on power demonstration. We believe that this generation coming up needs to know that God is real, and the Bible method for this revelation of Gods reality, is through signs and wonders. We heal the sick, believing God for miracles in every service. And we give a call to salvation.

This isn’t for the 1 or 2 “chosen ones” to have an encounter, but more than that, we trust God that every person who comes to these nights will experience an encounter of Gods Love. This is often through the many manifestations that accompany true revival meetings, laughing, crying, shaking, being slain. But whatever the manifestation, it is all about that Love that transforms us into the nature and character of Christ.

Evangelist and student of Revival History, Winkey Pratney, says “I am still persuaded that revival – true revival, heaven born, God-authorised revival – is the critical need of the hour and the hope this this country’s young.”