Witch Doctor Encounters Jesus

My name is Tim Tetoa. I’m from Kiribus. From the time I was young my father teach me about the witchcraft, and when my father teach me about the witchcraft I’m very perfect on the witchcraft. I go and help everybody here in Fiji about witchcraft. Some people they lay down in hospital. I go and help them in the power of the devil. Some people they don’t have the baby, I give them the baby in the power of the devil. I do the thing (witchcraft) for 30 years now, and when I’m going to call the spirit of the devil, I take the smoke and smoke to them. When I smoke to them I call their name, and when I call him the fella (spirit) comes onto me. When the fella (spirit) come onto me, I don’t know anything.

Later on my wife is very very sick and I try to help my wife, and the time I tried to help my wife I don’t know. I can’t help my wife. I tried my best to do all kinds of things in the devil way where I always make it (succeed) but my wife still unconscious, can’t stand up. Within three months I can’t help my wife. So my wife about to die, and she talked to me, 

“Now I’m going to die, but if I’m going to die I don’t want to die in the hands of the devil I’m going to call Jesus, that I’m going to die in the hands of Jesus.” 

Later on, me I sit down with all the equipment of the devil, even the grog (alcohol) in front of me. And later on, my wife called Jesus, “Jesus, please help me!” In front of me I am very surprised, I can see the hand of my wife, somebody pull it up, and when somebody pull it up just in front of me she crying and she shouts, “Hey Tim, Jesus come and take my hand and today Jesus talked to me. I’m going to stand up today.” I freak out and I say, “No you can’t stand up because me I am powerful in the devil and how come Jesus is going to come and healing you just in a minute.” And my wife say, “You going to see the power of Jesus, now is coming.” I see the hand, it’s going up and when going up in front of me she stand up and crying. The tears go down and when the tears go down she talked to me. “Jesus tell me to walk today.” And just in front of me she stands up and walk! From there I stand up and shout and I say, “Oh very powerful Jesus! Jesus in our house!” And then my wife talked to me, “From now on take everything away (demonic), and Jesus is now in our house.” That time I don’t take everything away because I’m afraid and I’m still working with the devil…

After 3 weeks my wife talked to me “One fella gonna come from overseas. His name is Joseph Lee and I’m telling you Tim, this is the time. Jesus is going to destroy your power by this man.” And I said, “No, no can’t destroy my power.” The next day when I go, Joseph Lee come direct and put his hand on me. When he put the hand on me I see my devil coming. When I see my devil coming, at that time I blacked out, I don’t know what to do. Most of the people there say it take about 20 minutes like that. And when my devil gone everybody shout like Fiji win in the world cup. Everybody shout, and they jump and everybody crying and me from that time, I don’t know, I just lay down. I lay down and when I wake up I’m afraid because I don’t have a devil, and I talked to Joseph Lee. “I’m afraid. Why? Because my devil is gone.” Joseph Lee came again and put his hand on me and tell me, 

“I’m going to baptise you and put the Holy Spirit on you and going be change your life to Jesus power!”

From that time when I came back I talked to my wife, “I don’t know why I got another power now.” And my wife talked to me, “What kind of power?” I said, “Now I’m going to pray around the people where I always make the devil on them and I’m going to pray to them in Jesus’ name.” And my wife talked to me. “You can do that?” I say, “I can because the power of God coming to me now.” And then I go, and I when I go and talk to those people and I say, “Can I Pray?” Those people they see me and they say, “You must be joking you are the devil man.” And when I pray on them, and I can see the power of Jesus and those people crying. They crying in front of me. When they crying in front of me, myself I know that God power is with me, and from that time I know my life has been changed.

I feel very happy now. I feel free. I am free in the hands of God, in the hands of Jesus. I am really happy now. I’m the man of God now.