Healed From HIV


August 2017

Apolosi is a young Fijian man in his early 30’s who was touched powerfully by God at the JESUS LOVES FIJI CRUSADES in Lautoka, Fiji 2016. At one meeting he received salvation, and at the next night’s meeting baptism of the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. God has begun a mighty work in him, and we pray that this continues until he becomes the man God created him to be.

Dear All.

I have been living with HIV for the past 5 years for I have lived a life encouraging homosexual and gay relationships. My childhood life wasn’t easy, being adopted, rejected and abused, and as I felt useless at times it made me feel that being gay was ok . I was living a life of stigma and discrimination yet I thought that it was my right to fight for having a relationship with the same sex.

What the world called love was abomination to the one true God . Being found HIV positive was just another chop of wood that I had to feel in 2013. Some called it the sinners diseases. I had to avoid social gatherings as this may have led to being hurt or pointed out. 

I was searching for a place where I can feel love acceptance and allow me to feel at home. It was hard as everyone would judge my character rather than the cry of my heart.  From church to churches I would go, until I met someone who taught me what love is and where I would find it – Jesus loves Fiji Crusade.

I was brought from the power of alcohol, smoke, sex and lust, though I am a work in progress. I know that I am to share God’s love and hope.  More than 780 people are living with HIV in Fiji and we have more than 250 in orphanages. In my country the prisons are filling up, not forgetting the street kids, sex workers, beggars and old peoples’ homes. 

My country needs you, and I need you to hold my hand and pass on His love .

I know that my treatment is my life but I have someone who made this life, Jesus Christ. To him whom I owe a million praises, I bow my knees in worship. I may face a lot from the world but I have chosen to stand with Christ. Through Jesus there is hope and life.

 John 3:16 ‘for God so love the world that who so ever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life ‘.

Stay Blessed and May God bless Fiji 

Yours sincerely

Apolosi Ranawai Lase

Currently Apolosi has had a doctors report saying his HIV is now “undetectable” and that his white blood cell count is higher than the average human. He has the doctor verified records that HIV is no longer tracable in his body.